Monday, June 05, 2006

Can I really do this?

I’ve been clicking along quite nicely with Balmoral in the week since I cast on. I’ve moved off the dpns – woohoo! – and onto the Addi Natura 24” circulars.

Digression. I’ve never used Addi needles before and can I just say how enjoyable it is to work with the Naturas? The join is lovely and handling the bamboo is a sublimely tactile pleasure. I even like the cord; no need to dip it in a cup of boiling water to relax the coil. I can tell already that I will be converting my collection of bamboo needles to Addis when the old ones wear out. Back to the knitting.

So I was delighted to be making what I thought was excellent progress on Balmoral. I did some figuring this morning, however, and I’m asking myself, “Can I really do this?”

In order to give myself time to properly dress Balmoral and get her out to the west coast in time for Gram’s birthday, I am setting myself a knitting deadline of August 25. Doing some calculations with the spreadsheet I created for Balmoral now that I have seven days results on the needles, in the 82 days remaining until my self-imposed deadline, I must complete an average of 1,660 stitches per day. I’ve averaged only 1,000 stitches per day in the past week. (Note to self: fix those little errors in the spreadsheet but don’t worry about the calculations. The errors don’t significantly impact percentages or proportions.)

Can I really do this?

Granted, in the past week I’ve had to do a lot of running around on spring recital business so that’s chewed up quite a bit of knitting time. Let’s not even talk about what’s going on at work. Coming up in the next month/month and a half is a wedding in Las Vegas and a high school reunion. I ought to be able to get plenty of knitting done during the flights there and back, but really. How much knitting am I going to get done during that week in Vegas??

The bottom line is that I am not asking myself the precisely correct question. This is not a project I am undertaking just for kicks and giggles. I’m not doing it simply for me. I should be saying, “Can I do this for Grams?”



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