Thursday, May 25, 2006

Movie night

I remember the summer of 1996. Not to be confused with Bryan Adams' Summer of '69. 1996 was a good summer for movies; it seems like there hasn’t been a good summer movie season in years. Back in 1996, I set the goal of seeing a movie every weekend and I pretty much stuck to that goal. Even still, there were some movies I missed and had to wait for the video release. It looks like summer 2006 is shaping up to be a decent season of movies. X-Men 3, anyone??

A couple of weeks ago, I saw MI:3. I didn’t really want to; Mr. Cruise has completely alienated me to the point where I can’t “fall” into the character I am seeing on the screen. His ridiculous behavior of the past twelve months is lives too strongly in the memory to forget when the trailers start running. Nevertheless and surprisingly, MI:3 is the best movie of the Mission Impossible series. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a huge reason for that; I’ll always fondly remember him as the goofy guy in Twister (a summer of 96 movie!).

Last night I treated myself to Poseidon. Now, I am a huge huge huge fan of the original, The Poseidon Adventure, starring a whole bunch of great actors. I tend to be wary of remakes, especially if I love the original, but Poseidon did not disappoint. It wasn’t an exact replica of the 1972 movie – an advantage – though I did miss the small amount of story set up which explained why the boat rolled. I did not miss, however, Gene Hackman’s speechifying. The remake is superbly intense; a thrill-ride from almost the get-go with very few pauses in the action.
Oh yes, this one is destined for the DVD collection.

I’ve been knitting steadily on Frost Flowers & Leaves and am close to completing the first iteration of Chart B (seven iterations in all are called for). I am also close to moving off the 29” circulars to the 40” circulars. Unfortunately, the project isn’t picture-worthy. Right now it looks like a bunch of purple boiled spaghetti.

In closing, I would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who has posted lovely compliments on my lace knitting. I’m so accustomed to seeing the Ring shawl now that it has become an ordinary piece of knitting. It’s when I read your words that I see the shawl with new eyes and remember that it isn’t an ordinary piece of knitting after all.


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