Friday, May 12, 2006

Frost Flowers & Leaves

I've been promising pictures of Frost Flowers & Leaves and I'm finally about to deliver. I cast on last Saturday -- travesty that it was with mangled laceweight and unruly dpns -- and have accomplished a pleasing amount of stitches through today's lunch break. First up is a photo at round 29, taken on Sunday:

My Frost Flowers & Leaves (source: A Gathering of Lace) is being created from Skacel Merino Laceweight in colorway #741 on size 6 needles (bamboo, birch, or metal depending on what I've got in my needle inventory). I wouldn't consider starting a circular shawl on anything except bamboo or birch; I need that stickiness when trying to bend fiber to my will.

Next up is a photo of progress as of last night through round 53. I've transferred to Susan Bates Quicksilver circular needles, 24" in length, and am a little buggy from how sharp those points are! I've knit almost exclusively with birch or bamboo needles for almost a year and a half which grind down to rounded tips in seemingly no time at all.

It's virtually impossible to see any of the pattern in this mass of cellulite-looking wool, so I singled out a leaf for your viewing pleasure:

My observations thus far are

- I remember when knitting with Kidsilk Haze was mind-boggling for me. Now, after having knit with gossamer silk for the Wedding Ring Shawl, the merino laceweight is positively simple to work with.

- It's a good idea always to have nearby a dpn to catch dropped stitches. This happened to me a couple of times when I forgot a pesky "move marker one stitch to the left" and had to tink half a round.

- I simply must remember to include an item for scale when snapping pictures of my works in progress. FF&L at round 29 doesn't look too much different from FF&L at round 53 to anyone except the knitter.

- According to the handy dandy spreadsheet prepared by an interpid member of the FF&L yahoo group, I have completed 5.65% of the shawl as of this afternoon. This reflects 312 stitches on the needle and 7,616 stitches completed in total. A daunting 127,144 stitches have yet to be created.

I've been inspired by the FF&L spreadsheet to create a similar one for the Wedding Ring Shawl. I'm very much a data geek (it's natural -- I'm an accountant by day) and it appeals to my sense of order and all that's right in the world to know exactly what I have tasked myself with that I can celebrate when I finish the task and know precisely what I've accomplished.

Have a great weekend!


At 8:56 PM, Blogger krisknits2 said...

Oh my, the shear number of stitches is astounding! It will be beautiful.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger Zooks said...

Thanks Kris! Sadly, I need to update the XL file that I pulled from the FF&L yahoo group -- it doesn't include the edging stitches. I'm guestimating that the edging will add another 16,500 stitches to the total count.

...I'm resisting the urge to collapse at the thought of all those stitches...


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