Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cease and desist

Stop it, all of you! You clever bloggers are a bunch of enablers. Do you sit around and think of ways to torment me with your wit? Your genius? Do you ever cease your efforts to tempt me into casting on more and more projects? Yes, I’m talking about you, Snow. And Susoolu. And Theresa. And Rachel. Oooo, you are tricksy knitters.

Lest any other clever bloggers are out there, I am closing my eyes and covering my ears and singing “la la la la la, I can’t hear you!”

For those of you who have not been beguiled by the abovementioned tricksy bloggers, I joined two knitalongs today:


I’m completely thrilled with the Fellowship of the Ring Shawl, a blog started by Snow and Susoolu who are simultaneously knitting on the Wedding Ring Shawl as well as hosting a ring for fellow WRS knitters. I’m a huge, enormous, gigantic fan of the Lord of the Rings movies; so much so that I am kicking myself from here to Middle Earth for not having thought of this brilliant idea on my own.

What led me to the Fellowship of the Ring Shawl was the website for the Amazing Lace, which I promptly signed up for because why limit yourself to two large lace projects when you can go for three? Mom always said I was a compulsive overachiever. My teammate for the Lace is the Balmoral coffee table cloth which is destined to be a gift for my grandmother. Or my sister. Or for grammy. Nope, my sister.

Looks like I’ll be making two Balmorals.


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