Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bootylicious…well, not really

Amazing Lace
I had grand plans of posting a picture of Balmoral in the opening rounds and a cute little story to go along with it. But that darn digital camera workaround has foiled my plans! Remember that I need to download the pictures onto my daughter’s computer then save them to a disc – no internet connection on that computer – so I can get the images to a computer that does have an internet connection. I duly downloaded the pictures and brought the disc to the office, only to discover that the images didn’t save to the disc. So – no Balmoral for now.

Weekend at the movies
Seen Over the Hedge yet? It’s so funny, and I love how the script works in a humorous condemnation of the American way of eating. (A soapbox topic which will probably be whipped out at a later date.) My favorite character is the hyper squirrel, Hammy. Who wouldn’t love a hyperactive cartoon rodent hepped up on a caffeine drink?

Unexpected benefit
I put a lot of miles on the Asics over the holiday weekend: nine miles in total with 4.5 of those on Saturday. 4.5 is the longest I’ve walked in one session since I started fitness walking a month ago and though my muscles weren’t sore, I definitely was aware of the exertion I had put my body through. I am pleased with my progress, however, the results of my Saturday walk have cemented my decision not to try to squeeze in a Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk later in this year. It is a much better goal to take a year to train up to 60 miles over three days.

But (pun intended), I discovered an unexpected benefit to all this walking I’ve been doing! I have always had what I call a cliff butt. Unlike a shapely curvaceous derriere, I have the type of backside that falls off in a sheer drop from my back. Like a cliff. I’m the polar opposite of Jennifer Lopez. I’ve never particularly liked my backside though in its defense, the lack of a booty is what allows me to fit into a smaller size.

Last night I caught sight of my backside in the mirror; lo and behold, there’s a curve back there! An honest to goodness roundness of flesh! I’m so amazed; it’s like seeing the Hope Diamond for the first time. Course, it’s such a novelty for me that I can’t keep my hands off my derriere. Needless to say, that can be quite awkward around the office.

Stay tuned for that Balmoral update.


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