Thursday, March 30, 2006

More observations on the Wedding Ring Shawl

I can’t begin to convey how delighted I am with the Wedding Ring Shawl. But before you get too excited on my behalf, I’ll deliver my caveats: 1) this is just the beginning of what I am expecting to be a two year project, and 2) I have completed a mere 2.7% of just the center section alone.

I’m starting to see the delicate pattern develop beneath my hands – what a thrill! I’m also becoming more comfortable and therefore more confident in knitting from a chart (having never done it before). I do study each row before beginning it so that I know what needs to happen with each stitch and, as pointed out by the brilliant Eunny, I also look ahead a few rows to see what is being set up by the various yarnovers and decreases.

Besides not breaking the gossamer silk (see previous posting on tragic fiber breakages), one more benefit to not knitting so tight as I normally do is actually/apparently an absolute must when knitting with such a fine fiber. The silk is so teeny tiny that I can’t use the needle to slide under the stitch as I do when knitting with anything sock weight or bigger. I’m finding that I must gently pull stitches down or away from the needle in order to slide the needle into the stitch. This is especially challenging when performing a slip 1, knit 1, psso. The slip 1 pulls the next stitch to be knitted taut against the needle so the fingers have to be nimble in manipulating the stitches into submission. Hence the reason why it took me two hours to knit Row 3 of WRS center.

I am knitting very slowly and deliberately. I’d rather take extra time to knit a row than to make a mistake that would in the end take longer to fix than it would had I taken my time with the knitting.

I’ve promised pictures before and I must extend the promise! A computer meltdown has me searching for the camera software before I can download the photos.


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