Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic update

My olympic knitting is coming along quite nicely. I knew that I had to get a quick start out of the gate, given all my committments during the week.

I knit about 4 cm by the end of the opening ceremonies telecast on February 10. I've not worked with pulling two different strands of yarn, and find that I have to stop frequently and untwist the lighterweight yarn (the silky wool in pink). I'm also finding that working with size 10 needles is much slower than when I knit with size 1 dpns for socks. I use my fingers much more with the smaller needle sizes and rely mostly on my wrists to move the needles around.

Saturday I woke up bright and early to catch the biathlon being shown live at 7:00a EST, and of course, to knit more on my olympic sweater! I can't just sit and knit for hours on end but I was delighted to have made this much progress on the back:

You can't tell from this photo but I have started to shape the armholes at this point. I'm also nearing the end of the first skeins of yarn which is pleasing as it means I am right on track with my purchases -- not too much, not too little!

I knit only six rows or so Monday (see? I told you I don't have a lot of knitting time during the week!) so this shot taken Monday isn't too much different than what the project looked like after Sunday's knitting. I finished the back and have started working the right front. This is where the sweater starts getting fun. The front has peplum-like points on each side which are knit independently of each other. The instructions crack me up, too. (I remember reading somewhere about the lack of spoon-feeding when it comes to Scandinavian patterns.) The right front instructions are written out in detail. The left front, which mirrors the right front, instructions simply say to follow the right front directions but reverse all the shaping. Oh no! I'm going to have to think! ;-)

As I work on the sweater, my mind is turning to what my next project will be. I think it's going to be the Wedding Ring Shawl...and something else because I know WRS will be intense knitting that I probably will be able to work on only during the weekends.


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