Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another ten stitches bite the dust

I received this question via email yesterday: “Didn’t it seem kind of obvious that the yarnovers needed to line up each row?”

Absolutely! Once I realized how the pattern flowed together. Of course, this isn’t the type of “light bulb moment” that a seasoned lace knitter, or a knitter of any type I suppose, would have. However, Birch was the first lace pattern I ever knit, and that being only eight months after I had taken up knitting as an adult. (My mom taught me how to knit as a teenager but after so many years of not knitting, I had to refer to a how-to manual to remember how to purl!) I had knit only sweaters and scarves upto that point in my Knitting Career Phase 2 and didn’t have the technical savvy to read the pattern and visualize it. Another thing Mom taught me about knitting is to just do it – if it doesn’t make sense, just start knitting according to the pattern and you’ll understand it. Amazing how often that works!

Speaking of Birch, I decreased another ten stitches last night leaving me with 147 on the needle. It takes about 12 minutes to work a row right now and I am determined to bind off and block on Saturday.

For the socks, I’ve already turned the heel on the second sock of the pair, so all that leaves is the ankle and the leg ribbing. I definitely finish that up in short order – possibly even Sunday – and I know I am too much of a compulsive over-achiever not to start another project while waiting to cast on for the Knitting Olympics.


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Welcome to blogging, Laura. I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comment the other day on my blog.

I really enjoyed knitting Birch. Hope you do as well. :)


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