Monday, January 30, 2006

In Training

Thanks to the Yarn Harlot, I've finally went and got my own blog after spending about a year and a half of reading several others! All because of the Knitting Olympics...

I, like so many other mentally questionable folks out there, signed up for the Knitting Olympics. I selected a GarnStudio sweater that is challenging because 1) I work a full time job with various mommy-duties and am time- challenged, and 2) the sweater must be knit exactly to gauge in order to get the crossover pieces in the front to fir properly. I've done my swatching, I've got my materials (have yet to wind the hanks into balls -- I consider that part of prepping the equipment) and I am taking my lunch break at 2:00p, Friday the 10th. Torino, here I come!

Until then, I am knitting as bionically as possible on a Birch shawl for my MIL, which needs to be finished prior to casting on for the Olympics. My fingers hurt. ;-)

And I'll be playing with my blog to get it looking just the way I want it to.


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